Guru Rajee Narayan
19th August 2020

Birthday Messages & Links

Sri Gurubhyonamaha. Wish you happy birthday. I am proud to be your niece and also shishya. With the blessings of Neela athai and mainly with your valuable support and guidance, I am able to achieve something in the field of Bharatanatyam.

On behalf of Savithiri Ramamoorthy Family, we send a Vaazthu Madal to our dear Rajee Athai and seek her blessings.

Gowri Rajagopal & Samyuktha Varadarajan - Chennai

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Dear Guru Ji,

Wishing you a very happy birthday. Since childhood, we have looked up to you as the perfect embodiment of sheer determination and perseverance. Your life has been awe-inspiring for all those who have known you. We pray that we continue to receive your blessings for a long time. As Bharatanatyam dancers, we thank you for keeping alive the history and authenticity of this art form - this itself forms one of the strongest pillars of Nritya Geethanjali. Ever grateful to you for all your teachings. Wishing you good health and happiness.

Happy 90th Birthday, Guru Ji.

Lots of love, Geetika & Mantika Haryani
Students of Mala Murli
Nritya Geethanjali - New Delhi - Click here for video & image

Revered Auntyji.

Namaskarams. Wishing you all the best on your Birthday. Shyam's recovery is the greatest Gift to you, as you enter your 90th year. I pray to God Almighty to give you enough strength to lead a happy life.

Jaya Ramamurthy

Dear dear MAAMI

You have been an inspiration to me for decades, not just on account of your vast knowledge and wisdom, but also because of your dedication and commitment to your art. You have built a body of work and an institution, that is testimony to your devotion. As you turn ninety, you will find that the years have been productive and fulfilling. Know also that you have TOUCHED countless lives through your work.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and more special memories coming ahead.

With namaskarams.

Padma, Chandran, Kavitha and Manisha

From Hemalata Suresh - Thane
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Proud to be your shishya, dear Aunty!
Shobha Narayan - Cleveland
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Dear Aunty,

Namaskaram from the other side of the world! I may not be physically present, but I think of you often and miss you so very much!

I sometimes reminisce about the Elaichi Horlicks you used to make after dance practice at your house, the times we would order Gurukripa samosas and even eating dosa while sitting on your dining table (that was, of course, when I was young enough to sit on your table!)

I think about the cricket matches running in the background during class, the joys of learning a new item as you were choreographing it (so lucky I am!) and wonderful, exhaustive, dance classes that would leave me feeling so content, like everything was alright in the world. You have given me (and countless other girls) one of the biggest loves of my life - and for that I am eternally grateful!

On this day, I wish you all the love and happiness from all your adoring students, your fans! And most of all, I wish you perfect absolute peace, no matter what the external situation.

I wish I could bring you vanilla ice cream and we could eat it together on your birthday!

With loads of love,
Maya Rao - Boston - Click here for image

Happy Birthday, Aunty!

I am forever grateful to be your student and for all the knowledge you have imparted, over the years. We are indeed lucky and blessed to have a Guru like you. As you enter your 90th year, you continue to be such an inspiration to us as you keep composing, choreographing and creating new pieces. May your grace, creativity and passion for dance live on through every Nritha Geethanjali student across the world. Whether it is your brilliant Sun Mori varnam, your unmatchable Desh Tillana or simply any of your adavus, I am simply in awe, every time I practice your compositions. Miss you dearly and thank you for always pushing me to work harder. You are a true inspiration! Lots of love,

Moksha Rao - Atlanta

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Dearest Aunty

Blessed are we to have you in our lives. Anyone can teach dance but it takes a special soul to build students into the whole package, not just dance. I feel that I have been exposed to all 64 arts through your dance instruction! And not just the arts but also nuances of life!

Thank you for everything.


Vidya Bharadwaj - Hong Kong

Dearest Aunty,

Happy Birthday to You. We thank the Lord, for having you, in our lives.


Hema Krishnamurthy - Sydney

Aunty, as I teach, I appreciate your commitment to dance; for having taught so many generations of dancers and for having contributed to dance in every way, irrespective of external challenges. It is no small feat to keep going; getting over your mind and thoughts and doing what is needed. I must mention here, you being on time, come what may - that again stems from your attitude of doing what is needed. This quality in you is truly inspirational! Also, the more I dance, the more I observe, I realize that you are one of the very few teachers who has enabled students to retain their individual body patterns and nature, while dancing. Being a classical dancer is so much more than aping technique - thank you for showing that with your teaching! Thank you for being so confident and clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Thank you for enabling creation of personalities and respecting individual bodies. Thank you for trusting our potential and guiding us.

Happy Birthday, Aunty!!!! Love you so much!!!

Megha Subramanian - Toronto

From Priya Ramnath - Mumbai

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Wishing our Guru, our dearest Aunty, a very happy birthday! It is truly a blessing to be her disciple. Each time she called me her walking stick or sang Anjali Anjali, I've felt like her own child. As her student, I have had the privilege of her motherly guidance through my growing years. Through the Art, the conversations and her mere presence, she teaches a lot.

Thank you, Aunty! My Namaskaram to you!

Anjali Pillai - Mumbai

Wishing you many more happy returns of the day, Aunty!

Very grateful and lucky to have you in our lives. You have taught us many important life lessons, to be independent not to forget your yummy recipes and riddles - other than Dance, Music and Nattuvangam! Grateful for all the knowledge you have shared with us. The will power and positivity that you have towards life is yet to be learnt indeed. Blessed to have a Guru like you! Pranams to you.

Ananya Shankar - Mumbai

Happy Birthday Dear Aunty.

My passion for Fine Arts emerged because of you and always been an inspirational for me, whether it is Dance, Music, Nattuvangam or interesting food recipes! Your positive attitude, Will, Determination, Creativity and Passion for Fine arts has created a great impact in my life. I am very Grateful and blessed to be your student and for all knowledge that you have imparted. Thank you for everything. My Namaskarams to you.

Srujana Venkatesh - Mumbai

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From Aswathi Gangadharan - Mumbai

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Happy birthday, dearest Aunty.

You are the greatest inspiration and a lesson in forbearance and fortitude for me. Many of the joyful memories in my life are those associated with you and dance. You blessed us with a special gift and it is a blessing to be your student. I am so looking forward to celebrating many more such birthdays with you, Aunty. Love you so much and thanks for making me a part of your life.

Manju Subhash Chandran - Mumbai

Aunty, love you so much! You are a great inspiration to so many of us. Proud to be your student and am very happy I could learn so much from you. Bless us all.

Shanti Venkat - Coimbatore

Remembering Aunty's voice always telling me, Ozhunga cholli kudu, shortcuts edukaadey! Teach properly and avoid shortcuts. The skills I learnt with Aunty are irreplaceable and give me all the confidence when I teach! My dance class memories are the ones I look fondly to, at each moment! Love you Aunty - Happy Birthday!!

Shanti Shanker - UK

Wishing Guru Rajee Narayan a very happy 90th birthday.

I learnt from Aunty many years ago, in the eighties. The core values of practice and persistence that Aunty taught via dance still stay with me. She is such an inspiration and a role model. Wishing her a very healthy and happy life.

Rekha Murthy - California

Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear Aunty. Keep showering your love and blessings on us! Namaskaaram and Pranaam to you,

Shailaja Ravi Kumar - Waikato, New Zealand

From Uma Ramakrishnan - Mumbai

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Respected Guruji

Warm greetings and best wishes on your 90th Birthday! I feel truly blessed to be part of your institution and to have learnt and performed some of your beautiful compositions and choreographies. It has always been exciting to learn and perform your intricate and interesting jatis specifically. Truly grateful to my guru to have enriched all of us with your legacy. Wishing you abundance joy, happiness and good health today and always.

Loving Regards

Neha Varma

Student of Smt. Mala Murli, New Delhi

Namaskaram Guruji,

A very happy birthday to you!

Since the time I joined dance class, I would always look forward to learning new dances. Hence, I feel very grateful to my guru to have introduced me to a few of your compositions and choreographies. Thank you for giving me a guru I look up to as much as she looks up to you! As I am writing this, I find myself thinking back to the few times that I was blessed enough to meet you and learn from you. Receiving your calm and clear instructions and encouragement are memories I cherish and hold very dear. I hope to continue receiving your blessings and learn more. Wishing you good health and a comfortable life.

With warm regards

Chitrupi C.

Disciple of Smt. Mala Murli
Nritya Geethanjali, New Delhi

Dear Guruji,

Namaskaram! Wishing you a very Happy 90th Birthday.

It is a blessing for us to be a part of Nrithya Geethanjali and receive your love. We have always enjoyed dancing to your melodious compositions and choreographies and are always looking up to you as our inspiration, with your guidance helping us push ourselves and set higher limits every time. You are a symbol of determination and dedication. We are indeed proud students of your institution and are grateful to our Guru for enlightening us with your teachings. Wishing you good health and seeking your blessings.

Warm Regards,

Saishree & Nandani Singhal

Students of Mala Murli, New Delhi

Dearest Aunty

Very many happy returns of the day. My humble pranaams to you and seek your blessings.

You have been and always will be a true inspiration to me in leading through all walks of one’s life. I have always regarded you as an embodiment of woman power, whose strength, will and resilience has shone through luminously not just through the fine arts (which you own like boss!) but in every attitude you demonstrated through life’s challenges.

You are constantly teaching us Aunty, despite the distance between us.

Forever learning from you, ever your disciple,

Radhika Hariharan, - Dubai

A very happy birthday to you, dearest Aunty!

I have no memory of a period in my life where there was no music and dance! And that bliss, I owe completely to you. From teaching me to enjoy eating padwal subji to complex Misra-Ata-Tala Varnam and Ragam-Tanam-Pallavis, there is so much you have actively taught me. On your birthday, Aunty, I pray that you always find contentment in giving so generously and for loads of cheer and boundless energy that keeps you going.

Prabha Hari, - Mumbai

Whenever I think of Aunty, the first word that comes to mind is courageous. She is a strong woman and her story has inspired me in many ways. The warmth and cheerfulness of Aunty always brings fond memories of my toddler-to-teen-to-adult life, that rolled by under her able tutelage. Dance is and will always be a big part of my life and I have to thank Aunty for helping me hone this art form. I will always hold the Navarasa demonstration by Aunty close to my heart, as those eyes and the facial expressions spoke a million words, without saying a single word!

Aunty, on your birthday, wishing you tons of happiness and good health. My heartfelt Namaskarams to you! Thanks!

Vidya Gopalakrishnan

Aunty – You are an inspiration, a legend, a treasure trove of knowledge, a perfectionist, a guru par excellence and above all, you will always be our dear Aunty. When I speak to you, even if the conversations don’t happen very often these days, it makes me feel like the kid I was, when I was in class with you. Your voice brings warmth to my heart.

Naveen, Adarsh and Poorna join me in wishing you a very very happy birthday! You are celebrated by your students all over the world. Our namaskarams to you on this special day.

With regards and respects,

Mrudula Naveen, - Austin

Wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more years filled with good health and happiness! Thank you for teaching me so much and for being an important part of my life, since I was five years old. Looking forward to attending dance class again!

With lots of love and gratitude,

Divya Srinivasan

Many happy returns of the day Aunty!

Am praying to God to keep you safe and happy. Do bless your students across the globe.

Bhagavati Krishna, - Boston