(Founder-Director, Takshashila Dance Academy, Navi Mumbai)

कबिरा ते नर अ‍ॅंध है, गुरु को कहते और |
हरि रुठे गुरु रुठे ठौर है, गुरु रुठे नहीं ठौर ||
सात समंदार की मसि करौं लेखनि सब बनराइ |
धरती सब कागद करौं हरि गुण लिखा न जाइ ||

This is the place that Rajeemami enjoys in my heart and life. This is the love, emotion and respect I have for Mami. It is my great good fortune that she has accepted me as her disciple. She has guided me through every little step since then; I bow down to her in humility and love. We were honoured to usher in the Golden Jubilee of Nritya Geethanjali in August 2014, with a margam of Mami’s compositions from Nritya Geeta Mala. My students, Sakshi, Shyama and Snigdha and I continue our advanced training from Mami in Bharatanatyam, Natya Sastra and Nattuvangam.