50 Golden Years! Wow!! Nritya Geethanjali, started by our guru in a small room in Chembur in 1965, has since taken deep roots to become a premier dance institution with students running branches in India and abroad.

My association with Aunty, as a relative, brings fond memories. When my family moved to Mumbai in 1965 from Chennai, she followed suit, to my mother’s immense pleasure. She had learnt Bharatanatyam from Aunty’s sister in Chennai and soon enrolled me in dance class, where I literally grew up.

Dance class was our second home where we spent most of our formative years - learning, rehearsing, eating yummy stuff that Patti cooked! We were all in awe of Aunty and continue to be so… a person who can write poetry, compose songs in several languages, set it to music and choreograph for dance… indeed, a true Genius!

Having had such a great start, I have since explored dance therapy, aerobic dancing and now... Mind and Body Alignment, inter alia, through dance movements.