Jaishree Rao, senior disciple of Guru Rajee, received her initial training in Bharatanatyam from Smt. Vyjayanthimala Bali, under whom she performed her Arangetram in 1976. As a senior dancer of Smt. Bali's dance troupe of Natyalaya, she travelled extensively all over India, giving many performances in Bharatanatyam and in dance dramas and Kuravanji Natya Natakams. She has performed lead roles in dance ballets like Sangha Tamizh Malai, Azhagar Kuravanji, Chandalika and Sant Sakhu.

From Guru Rajee, Jaishree has learnt not only Bharatanatyam, but also Nattuvangam, Natya Shastra and Carnatic music. She has performed for sabhas and temple organisations all over India. In Mumbai, she has performed for the National Centre for the Performing Arts, The Shanmukhananda Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha, Mulund Fine Arts Society, Rasika Ranjani Sabha, The Asthika Samaj and others. She has performed lead roles in Nritya Geethanjali dance ballets and has participated in many of their group presentations. She is a B-grade artiste with Doordarshan, Mumbai and has been telecast a number of times.

Jaishree is a passionate dancer, who today, assists her guru in conducting dance classes in Mumbai. She has popularised Guru Rajee's creations in print, CDs and on the Net through this website, preserving her creations for posterity. She runs her own advertising and design studio, 'Nvironment' with her husband, Varad Rao, also a graphic designer. Her two daughters, Maya and Moksha, also Guru Rajee's disciples, have performed their Arangetram and pursue to learn Bharatanatyam.