(Director, Nritya Geethanjali, Gurgaon)

This year is a milestone, not only in your life, but also in all those whose lives you have touched. My life with you has been a wonderful journey of varied experiences and learning, which has shaped me into a confident, compassionate and caring individual.

Besides learning the nuances and the technical aspects of music and dance, what sets me apart from the rest of the Nritya Geethanjali family, is having had the advantage of observing you from up close, as I lived with you during my impressionable years. I was able to better imbibe the qualities of patience and perseverance as you are one who 'walks the talk'.

Amma, I continue to seek your blessing and guidance, as you are the one I have grown up, admiring and worshipping and will continue to do so. Thank you… a small word for all that you have done for me.