(Director, Nritya Geethanjali, Texas)

It takes a special person to light a fire, keep it ignited, to challenge, to bring you out of your comfort zone, to show the direction but let you figure out how to tread the path and to guide you with love and patience. Making a huge difference in our lives. Dear Aunty, you have touched many little hearts, guided many little minds. You hold a special place in our hearts, although we’re miles apart. When I do my namaskaram before dance… I close my eyes and visualize you sitting before me. It gives me great pride when I tell my students that the dance they are learning is composed and choreographed by you. I see the awe in people’s eyes when I mention that you compose, choreograph, sing and teach… at eighty plus ! An epitome of elegance, a Guru par excellence. It is an honour to have learnt this beautiful art from you. Naveen, Adarsh, Poorna and students of Nritya Geethanjali, Texas congratulate you, on the wonderful occasion of Swarna Utsav.