(Director, Nritya Geethanjali, Redlands, California)


'It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.' - Albert Einstein. You do more than just that… everyday, Aunty. As we celebrate the Swarna Utsav of our dance class, our second home, it takes me back to the several Vidyaramba pujas, watching you impart the first lesson to new children. Your magnificent voice saying the word 'Thai' reverberates in my mind even today. 50 years, 50 Vidyarambams, hundreds of students, thousands of programs, millions of hours of training and still counting...You and Shyam mama have touched our lives in so many positive ways. We are blessed to have you. Thank you for converting our unbalanced, non-confident first Thai-s to rhythmic Nritta-s.

Thank you for turning our shy, nervous eyes into graceful Nritya and for imparting values of our culture while teaching us Natya. Thank you for giving us Nritya Geethanjali, fond memories, new friends… like one family… where we are given innumerable opportunities to learn, to perform, and to share. I wish I were there to perform my dance of gratitude in your honour today.